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Book of Mum - 52 Questions About Mum

Book of Mum - 52 Questions About Mum

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Mum, let me dive into the depths of your heart and understand life through your eyes. This treasury of love is designed for me to discover the incredible person you are.

Introducing the 'Book of Mum,' a unique journey with 52 questions for 52 weeks of the year. With each question, you reveal a new layer of your amazing self. And here's the beautiful part – at the end of the year, you hand this precious book back to me, creating a keepsake that captures your essence.

This little book becomes a canvas for your memories and thoughts. Add photos, drawings, movie tickets, news clippings, or anything that paints the canvas of your life. It's a storybook made just for me, a chronicle of your unique journey.

Thank you for being my constant, my anchor. I eagerly await the moments when I can turn the pages of the 'Book of Mum' and find comfort in your stories. You are my rock, and I can't wait to read and treasure the Book of Mum.


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