What is Class Fundraising about?

At Class Fundraising, our mission is to give organisers a simple and fun solution for raising money for their School, Nursery and beyond. Using your mini masterpiece artwork, we aim to offer a wide range of products that bring smiles and lasting memories to everyone involved, fitting seamlessly into school schedules, charity events, or group activities, while spreading joy and warmth every step of the way.

We simply love making things easy for our organisers!

Our Most Popular Projects:

  • Self Portrait

    Our Self Portrait projects offer a perfect solution for combining your artwork into either an Apron, Tea Towel or Tote Bag to then sell at Christmas Fairs, Sports Day, Charity Events, Leaver Ceremonies and more. This option gives you complete control of pricing to parents and customers, simply decided how many you need to buy and the rest is up to you.

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  • The Christmas Project

    It's that time of year we love here at Class Fundraising! As the dark nights roll in, the comfy jumpers come out and the countdown to the big guy coming down the chimney is on!

    Our Christmas project let's children (and adults) design their own unique range of giftware products to sell to parents, loved ones and beyond. Helping you raise money for your School or cause at Christmas.

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Seasonal Fundraising Projects

Our seasonal projects are perfect for Schools, Nurseries and other Organisations looking to create a range of memorable giftware options for families to purchase during peak gifting times.

Choose a project!

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Whether it's with our seasonal projects such as Christmas, Mother's Day, or Father's Day, or choosing any other bespoke event such as School Leavers or highlighting your achievements, we've got your back. Seeing the smiles and gratitude from everyone involved, especially when those adorable keepsakes are made for loved ones, is what drives us. But our mission goes beyond just raising money; we're creating hope for thousands of kids!

Through our fundraising projects, we've helped schools and 1000’s of other organisations across the UK to provide brighter futures for their pupils – whether it's funding for new library books, educational trips, or investing in new equipment to make yummy nutritious meals.

Here at Class fundraising, we are making a difference Together.

So how does it work?

It's simple, sign up to 'My Fundraising Hub' where we will take you through the easy process to become a verified organiser with Class Fundraising. Next, select a project you would like to be involved in (we recommend registering for all your yearly projects in one go before you get busy!).

Then pop the kettle on whilst we work our magic to produce your FREE artworks kits and instruction guides.

In a few days you will be ready to get your creative head on and make out of this world artwork that we will then transform into a wide range of giftware products such as Cushions, Mugs, Tea Towels, Cuddly Soft Toys, Christmas Cards and so much more!!

Now, here is the best part (drum roll please) - We will open an online shop complete free of charge for you to sell these products to parents, loved ones and beyond making up to 30% commission on each and every sale! Imagine how you could use that money to bring a brighter future to your School, club or organisation...

Creating Memories That Last

Last Christmas we helped over 200,000 families across the UK create unique memorable gifts for loved ones with their child's artwork proudly taking centre stage. This year, we will be adding more products and offering larger stock availability than ever before!

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Ronnie The Reindeer Is Back!!

Our popular cuddly friend has returned for another year of creative magic! Help Ronnie decorate his t-shirt by signing up to our Christmas 2024 project today!

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