Safeguarding Policy

Data, Artwork and Equality

As a company who produces products, printed with children’s artwork, we recognise the significance of the information we work with. We work with our customers to help provide options, that allows schools to take their procedures and safeguarding policies into account, when creating their artwork and ordering products. We do not, have not, or will not, ever sell any information with any third parties.

Our Company Website

We understand that when using our online system, the data we’re provided needs to be kept safe. Our company uses secure protocols (https) to protect data on our website. The online ordering system, used by schools, are accessed via our secure website and the accounts are password protected.

Artwork Storage

Onsite storage of Artwork in a digital format is securely held and encrypted on our servers. All artwork stored online doesn’t include the children name.


Working with our Customers Procedures and Policies

As the artwork we receive from schools is normally completed in a classroom environment, this means that schools can apply their safeguarding policies more easily. Completion of the artwork and/or template within school, allows control over the content and data included at the time of its creation. If a project is undertaken by a person who is not an employee of the school, they should consider the schools policies, procedures and permission required from the school to complete the project.

Customers can opt to submit designs without any surnames, instead using just first names and/or initials. Our company does not insist that whole names are provided to us and we are happy to accept only first names, initials or a combination.

We will use the designs, artwork, names and information we receive to complete orders placed with us, on the basis that it has been approved for use by the person submitting the order and they have sought permission from the school as required. This includes use of the designs, artwork, names and information for a tea towel, apron, bag, mug, coaster, teddy bear, water bottle or any other printed items we offer.

Our Products

Christmas Card Project:

Our online ordering system for the Christmas Card project also offers options for schools to assist with further anonymising the final printed products. This includes the ability to easily remove class names and the school name on the final products in the online order form.

As part of the online order form a small preview of the artwork is shown next to each child’s name, which can help to differentiate between the designs if only first names or initials are used.

Schools can decide whether they wish for their school logo to be printed on the reverse of all their Christmas Cards or if they do not want to have a logo. This is applied to the whole school order and logos can be deleted before the final order is placed.

When submitting an order using our online system, the school or organiser is responsible for authorising the production of the finished items, including the artwork, names and details that are included.

Self-portrait Tea Towel, Eco Bag and Apron projects:

These items will need to be checked and approved by the school or organiser for the project before they are printed. All artwork, names and information included on the template will be used to create the designs. Once the proofs have been approved in writing, this authorises for the finished products to be printed as per the proofs.

Coaster, Mug and Water Bottle Projects:

The items, printed with individual children’s artwork, do not have the name typed and printed onto the finished items. However, if a name is included as part of the artwork itself (within the artwork area of the template) it will printed onto the finished items.

So that the finished Coasters and Mug can be identified and easily handed out, we add labelling to the packing to show the child’s name and class.

As we’re unable to produce a sample of each design for this project, prior to production, the template we provide incorporates a parental order form. This therefore requires authorisation from the parent for their child’s artwork to be printed.


We recommend that sample cards, as well as any finished items for any of our projects, are delivered directly to the school, charity or organisation address. This is to avoid deliveries being made to a private address unless the school has agreed this with the person responsible for organising the order.

Queries from Parents and Guardians

We often receive contact by email and phone directly from parents and guardians of children who are taking part in a school project. We direct parents and guardians to contact the school if they wish to discuss artwork or names. This includes late submissions of artwork which need to be submitted by the school or organiser for the project. Our company does not provide passwords, organiser contact details, order status or order details to parents or guardians.

Original and Digital Artwork

We store digital copies of designs submitted by schools for up to the end of the academic year in which they were submitted. You do however reserve the right to request that artwork is deleted sooner. For more details regarding 'opting out' please visit our Privacy Policy Page.

We regularly securely shred and destroy original artwork, due to the large volume of space required to store physical artwork. Christmas Card artwork is destroyed in the last 2 weeks of term before the Christmas break. Other original artwork is securely destroyed 3 to 4 times per year. All artwork is destroyed at the end of the academic year in which it was submitted to us.

Original artwork can be returned to the school, at the request of the school or the organiser responsible for the order. Please contact a member of our team for this to be actioned. We do not return designs to individual parents or guardians.

Equality and Inclusion

So that no child is excluded, we provide a printed sample card for all designs we receive from the school (from the main batch of templates). We understand that due to illness, or other personal circumstances, that a child may not be able to complete a template in time. The school or organiser will contact our team who will can discuss sending a late template to us and then how an order can be made.

As part of the personalisation options for the Christmas Card project, we offer a wide range of greetings for which can be printed on the inside of the cards. This includes both seasonal and non-seasonal greetings.

Although the templates we provide are noted as being for Christmas Cards, we’re happy to accept designs for other holidays and events. By default, our sample cards are blank inside unless a greeting is selected. We are aware that chosen greeting chosen may not be suitable for all of those taking part in the project and therefore the greeting can be turned off for individual orders as required in the online order form.