Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Class Fundraising believe that that we should conduct our affairs in an open and ethical manner, treat our employees fairly and nurture their talents, and play an active role in supporting the community in which we operate.

Class Fundraising is committed to building a sustainable business, which is measured not only in economic terms but also in the terms of environmental and social impact.

Class Fundraising has certain core values that are expressed in the principles set out below.

Environmental Responsibility

Class Fundraising recognises that it has a role to play in ensuring that it manages its environmental impacts to reduce any negative effects it may have.

In order to achieve this, the Company and its employees will: –

Seek to integrate the identification and management of environmental issues within the Company’s everyday business practices striving to ensure environmental improvements go hand-in-hand with reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Give full consideration to the management of key environmental impacts and seek to reduce these by the use of effective waste management systems, design techniques and selection of suppliers

Promote good environmental practice through its products and services and its supply chain.

Economic Matters

Class Fundraising aims to conduct its business in a straightforward, open manner honestly and in good faith free from fraud or deception.

In order to achieve this, the Company and its employees will: –

Comply with all relevant laws and regulations that apply to the business.

Seek to generate sufficient profit to meet the needs of a growing and developing Company to enable investments to be made for the improvement of all stakeholders.

Seek mutually beneficial commercial relationships with third parties with whom they do business.

Seek to develop new products that have increased benefits for our customers and the environment throughout their life cycle.

Social Responsibility

Class Fundraising seeks to create an environment which attracts and retains employees of the highest calibre and in which employees will feel valued for their contribution to the Company’s performance.

In order to achieve this, the Company and its employees will: –

Provide a safe working environment for its employees and ensure that employees fully understand their own responsibilities as regards health and safety matters

Provide a framework including any necessary training, which will assist employees to develop their capabilities.

Provide its employees, where appropriate, with the opportunity to engage in activities that will benefit the industry and the community at large.

Offer employment opportunities in a fair and equal manner regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Implement and observe codes of conduct, which are designed to protect employees from harassment or discrimination in any form, and provide equality of opportunity.