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White Ceramic Durham Style 10oz Mug

White Ceramic Durham Style 10oz Mug

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Celebrate Mother's Day with a touch of warmth and practical elegance by gifting our 10oz Durham Style White Ceramic Mug. This classic mug is more than just a vessel for beverages; it's a daily reminder of love, carefully crafted for both durability and style.

With its clean white finish, this mug effortlessly complements any kitchen aesthetic. Tested to 800 cycles at 45°C, it's not just a beautiful addition to Mum's morning routine; it's a dishwasher-safe companion that makes cleanup a breeze.

Made from 100% recyclable material, this mug is an eco-conscious choice that aligns with both style and sustainability. Its heat-resistant nature ensures a comforting sip every time, whether it's for morning coffee or an evening tea ritual.

The thoughtful design includes an image repeated twice, showcasing a personal touch that goes beyond mere functionality. Additionally, the mug comes adorned with a printed dedication featuring the name, class, and school/organisation of the child, relative, or friend, making it a truly personalised and heartwarming Mother's Day gift.

Wrap it up in our 100% recyclable packaging, and you not only gift a mug but an experience – a daily reminder of love, connection, and the special moments shared with those closest to her heart. This Mother's Day, elevate the ordinary to extraordinary with the 10oz Durham Style White Ceramic Mug.
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