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Eddie the Teddy Soft Toy


Eddie the Teddy Soft Toy

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Wrap your Mum in a warm, fuzzy embrace of joy with Eddie the Teddy, the perfect companion for caring hands and big hearts. Our 18cm x 11cm plush friend isn't just a teddy; it's a canvas for your child's creativity, making it a uniquely personal keepsake.

Eddie wears a removable t-shirt, and guess what? Your child's artwork gets to be the star! Imagine the delight on your little artist's face as they see their masterpiece adorning Eddie's cozy t-shirt, transforming this cuddly bear into a one-of-a-kind, huggable work of art.

Crafted with the utmost care, Eddie the Teddy is more than just a toy; it's a source of comfort and security. Its soft embrace and charming design make it the perfect companion for both Mum and little one, whether during playtime adventures or those moments when a little extra comfort is needed.

But here's the extra special part – Eddie the Teddy isn't just for Mother's Day. With its comforting size and removable t-shirt showcasing your child's unique creation, it becomes an anxiety bear for anyone in need of a soothing touch. Let Eddie be there to lend a fuzzy ear, a soft hug, and a tangible connection to the warmth of childhood creativity.

So, whether Eddie is nestled in your Mum's arms, your little ones arms during playtime or serving as a source of comfort during anxious moments, this teddy bear is more than just a soft toy – it's a personalised expression of love and reassurance. Gift your Mum the magic of Eddie the Teddy, where every hug comes wrapped in creativity and comfort.
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