10 Super Fun, Easy and Creative Artwork Ideas

Welcome, creative educators! Delving into the imaginative
world of young artists aged 3-10 is a delightful journey filled with crayons,
coloured pencils, felt tips, and acrylic paint. These age-appropriate mediums
open up a spectrum of possibilities for vibrant creations and self-expression.
Let's explore 10 fun and engaging drawing and painting ideas tailor-made for
our little Picassos!

So let's not wait another second... Dive right in!

Idea Number 1

Crayon Resist Magic!

The classic crayon resist technique is a perfect way to introduce the magic of art to the little ones. Invite them to draw simple shapes or patterns using crayons, then apply watercolours over their creations. Watch their eyes light up as the colours resist the wax, creating mesmerising artwork.

Idea Number 2

Felt Tip Marker Story Starters

Encourage storytelling through art by providing your young artists with felt tip markers. Ask them to draw a scene or character inspired by a given theme or story starter. This activity not only hones their fine motor skills but also sparks imaginative narratives.

Idea Number 3

Nature-Inspired Colouring

Take a nature walk and collect leaves, flowers, and pebbles.
Back in the classroom, let the little artists create beautiful nature-inspired drawings using coloured pencils and crayons. This activity fosters a connection to the environment and allows for the exploration of shapes and colours. Add some extra festive magic by turning a pebble into a Snowman, or a leaf into a Christmas Turkey! Gobble Gobble

Idea Number 4

Emoji Emotion Cards

Harness the expressive power of emojis to teach emotions!
Ask the children to draw different facial expressions using coloured pencils or felt tips. Create a set of emotion cards, helping them recognise and understand feelings through art. This is a great idea for our Self Portrait Project!

Idea Number 5

Animal Adventure with Acrylics

Bring out the acrylic paints for an animal painting extravaganza! Use a sharpie or black felt tip pen (draw with a pencil first to avoid mistakes) to draw your favourite animal. This activity not only introduces them to basic painting techniques but also enhances their knowledge of animals.

Idea Number 6

Day Dream Doodling!

Children can really express themselves by using sharpies and fine felt tips to doodle anything they wish! Express their thoughts, experiences, favourite toys, dreams, them as a super hero. Their imagination really has no boundaries on this one (other than our template edges). This is great for both our seasonal projects and Self Portrait!

Idea Number 7

Colourful Creations

Use colourful shapes and patterns to create unique abstract artwork that will make even Picasso a little jealous...

Idea Number 8

Under The Sea!

Take a plunge into the ocean with a crayon resist underwater scene. Children can draw sea creatures and seaweed using crayons, then apply blue and green watercolours to create a stunning underwater masterpiece. This activity encourages creativity while exploring the wonders of the deep blue

Idea Number 9

Coloured Mandalas

Introduce the concept of mandalas using vibrant colours.
Let the children draw their own circles (we recommend using stencils). Encourage them to fill the circles with repetitive patterns and vibrant colours, promoting focus and fine motor skills.

Idea Number 10

Acrylic Handprint Art

The Most Popular Choice! Create lasting memories with handprint art using acrylic paint. Assist the children in dipping their hands into various colours and making handprints on paper or canvas. Turn these prints into animals, flowers, or imaginative characters. It's a delightful way to explore colour blending and create unique keepsakes.

That's All Folks!!

Engaging young artists in the world of crayons, coloured pencils, felt tips, and acrylic paint is a magical experience. These 10 drawing and painting ideas not only enhance their artistic skills but also nurture creativity, self-expression, and a lifelong love for the colourful realm of art.

Happy creating, little Picassos!