The Christmas Project

Turn artwork into products that make a difference!

From Hug's in Mugs, to Bears that Care.

This Christmas, join thousands of fundraisers dedicated to making a difference to their School, Club, Organisation, Charity or Local Community.

The Christmas Project by Class Fundraising is designed to do just that. We truly believe our projects make a positive difference to not only those raising the money, but to the kids/participants involved in making memories that last.

We have responsibly sourced products that not only look and feel great (and of course make Granny cry with pride at Christmas), but are also designed to reduce our impact on the environment to give you a more sustainable Christmas.

See This Years Line Up!

This year we are going bigger than ever before, we will have large stock quantities for popular items such as Baubles, Soft Toy's, Keyring's and many more. We will also be introducing a few new additions to the Christmas range (Shhhh... this is currently top secret!)

  • Early Early Bird

    Earn 30% Commission

    Last Shop Close Date:

    11:59am Wednesday 9th October 2024

  • Early Bird

    Earn 25% Commission

    Last Shop Close Date:

    11:59am Wednesday 16th October 2024

  • Standard

    Earn 21% Commission

    Last Shop Close Date:

    11:59am Wednesday 4th December 2024

Please note: This only applies to organisations who have completed their first shop and have opted in to open a second shop for late orders.

Easy, Simple, Fun!

We make all of our projects easy to use and simple to follow. Our projects can be easily fitted around lesson plans for Schools, causing minimum disruption to the class.

It's easy to order the products you love via our Online shop. We offer a wide range of payment options making it easier than ever to buy.

How it works

The Secret to Success...

Our Class Fundraising team of experts share their top tips to making your Christmas Fundraising Project successful. Fundraisers who followed these easy steps to success raised over £2000 for their School, Club, Organisation or Charity.

  1. Register your project early, by doing so you are more likely to be prepared and ready to benefit from that early bird commission.
  2. Working together. Working with the Head Teacher, Managers, Club Organisers, Teachers and Assistants makes the difference. Put aside some time to plan your project and set timelines for children to complete their designs.
  3. Get your artwork back to us before the rush. Help us get your order packs created and sent back to you by sending your artwork back to us early (ideally before the first week of October).
  4. Encourage parents and families to get their orders in as soon as they receive the parent order forms. Give daily reminders to avoid any disappointed parents that miss the shop close dates.
  5. Hit our 'Early Bird' Dates to benefit from that extra commission! It's that simple, get in nice and early.
  • The Gift of Giving

    The Christmas Project offers a unique opportunity to allow kids to design something special for their loved ones whilst making a difference to the School, Club, Charity or Organisation they are raising vital funds for.

  • Creativity Unleashed

    Other than keeping within the template borders and of course a few simple to follow rules, your creativity has no boundaries. This is your project, you may choose to set a theme for your group/class or simply let your budding artists loose. Just, no glitter please...

    Get Ideas 
  • Share in the Magic

    Of course it goes without saying, here at Class Fundraising we love nothing more than seeing all your creative designs being printed onto our wide range of personalised products. But we really want to see them in action!

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