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Top 5 Tips for Christmas Fundraising with Class Fundraising

As the festive season approaches, it's the perfect time for schools and PTAs to kick off their Christmas fundraising efforts. At Class Fundraising, we specialise in turning children's art into beautiful, personalised gifts that parents cherish. Our Christmas Card Project is a fantastic way to raise funds while celebrating the creativity of your students. Here are our top five tips to ensure your Christmas fundraising is a smashing success.

1. Start Early for Maximum Commission

The earlier you begin your Christmas Card Project, the more opportunities you have to raise funds. Starting early allows ample time for students to create their artwork and for parents to place their orders. It also means you can take advantage of all our fundraising opportunities, including our second shop opening which can earn you an extra 10% in commissions. Remember, the early bird catches the worm – or in this case, the Christmas cheer and more funds for your school!

2. Clear Communication with School Teachers

Effective communication with school teachers is crucial for a smooth and successful fundraising campaign. Ensure that teachers understand the importance of the project and what the children need to do. Provide them with all necessary information and materials, including deadlines and artwork guidelines. Clear instructions help teachers guide their students effectively, resulting in better quality artwork that parents will love.

3. Utilise Our Supplied Stencils for Younger Children

For younger children, creating artwork can be a bit challenging. To help them produce their best work, use our supplied stencils. Better artwork translates to higher conversion rates with parents, as they are more likely to purchase items that feature high-quality designs. Whether it's a Christmas card, a personalised bauble, or a cuddly personalised teddy like Ronnie the Reindeer, stunning artwork will make these gifts even more special.

4. Keep Parents Informed and Reminded

Communication is key to ensuring parents don't miss out on ordering these wonderful personalised gifts. As soon as your shop is open, inform parents and send daily reminders. Use various channels such as emails, social media, and newsletters to keep them updated. Highlight the importance of supporting the school through these purchases and showcase examples of the products to spark their interest.

5. Take Advantage of Our Second Shop Opening

One of the unique features of our Christmas Card Project is the opportunity for a second shop opening. This gives parents a second chance to purchase, which can significantly boost your fundraising total. It’s also a great opportunity for latecomers who missed the initial window. Promoting this second chance effectively can help you earn an additional 10% in commissions, making a big difference to your overall fundraising efforts.

Christmas is a magical time of year, and with our Christmas Card Project, you can capture that magic while raising essential funds for your school or PTA. By starting early, communicating clearly with teachers and parents, and using our tools and opportunities effectively, you can maximise your success. Let's make this festive season memorable and fruitful with beautiful, personalised gifts that showcase your students' artistic talents.

Ready to start your Christmas fundraising? Register today and let's make this holiday season truly special for your primary school, nursery, or PTA!

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